Phil Uglow takes you through Day 1 of a performance improvement project. He discusses the first meeting with a Tool Pusher and their crew.


1. Listen.
2. Ask questions, answer questions. Explain why you are there.
3. Handle resentment by understanding what the person is upset about. Use “Open Questions“.
4. Renshi coaches are not content specialists, so we don’t tell people how to do their job. We are specialists at finding out and removing issues that are preventing clients from doing their jobs.
5. Performance projects costs around $250,000 and return over $1 million in annual savings.
6. Use Pareto Charts and grid analysis to determine opportunities. Create a mindmap to determine interrelationships.
7. Present a report to senior leaders of only 1 page. Any more is unfocused.
8. Leave and allow the clients to “play the game“. Over coaching is the biggest error a coach can make.

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