Innovative companies all over the world are already using meditation to promote productivity. The practice may seem unconventional and even bizarre to others. But meditation has proven to help people recharge. It increases their focus and memory thus improving their work efficiency.

Starting your workday with a meditation session improves how teams approach their day. It impacts your day-to-day business operations and output. The research supporting the benefits of meditation have been overwhelming. By meditating each day to calm your mind and practice gratitude, you can:

  • Increase learning ability, focus, and memory
  • Enhance creativity
  • Improve self-esteem, relationships, and happiness
  • Decrease anxiety, stress, and depression

And when you practice meditation and gratitude as a team, you foster a broader sense of community. The group is cooperative and collaborative. Collaboration is something that is essential to a team’s ability to work together.

Meditation also helps teams stay grounded. Groups become mindful of their organization’s mission and purpose. For many companies who don’t know how to slow down, the sense of purpose of why they do what they do gets lost. When this happens employees feel undervalued and unsatisfied with their jobs. They no longer think that they are making a meaningful contribution. We all know that unhappy employees result in decreased efficiency and productivity.

Unhappy employees are why we have learned it is crucial to stop and take a moment to breathe and quiet the mind. You take 15 minutes to free yourself from distractions. This tranquillity allows you to learn to appreciate the state of being still. And when you are at peace, it trickles down into everything else you do. You remember what matters and you see of the beauty and value of simplicity.

Meditation in no way makes you lazier, as some people have come to believe. To have an idle moment of tranquility does not make you sluggish. In fact, you emerge from meditation feeling refreshed and recharged. You are much more prepared to face the day ahead.

When you start your day in a state of inner calmness, you’re in a much better mood to tackle the day’s challenges. You can manage your stress levels better. You’ll find that even your most demanding tasks get done easier. This efficiency is because you’ve relieved yourself of much of the weight that bogs you down. You recognize the difference between what you can and cannot control.

The process is simple. Begin your day with at least 15 minutes of meditation with your team sitting in a circle. With eyes closed, be silent and mindful of your thoughts. Each member of your team can take their turn leading the sessions. Allow everyone to add variations of how to express gratitude and practice mindfulness.

Be open and accepting. Allow the sense of peace and gratitude to fill your team. This practice will help set the tone and mood for a productive day ahead.